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Win With Whitney

When you hire me to be your state rep, I will listen well, learn quickly, and lead; informed by you.

Together, we all win!





Please join me in person and let's chat about what matters most to you and for our home towns.  Let's make our community better, together!

SMART Government

SMART government is Sensible, Meaningful, Accountable,  Reasonable,  and Trustworthy.

▪ Term limits
▪ Citizen-led ballot initiatives
▪ No unfunded mandates
▪ Easy voting

Great Jobs

Great jobs are secure, empowering you to pay your bills on time, afford emergencies, have health insurance, and retire comfortably.

▪ Every Hoosier has a great job
▪ Small business growth
▪ Quality, accessible, affordable childcare for everyone to have their best life.

Quality Healthcare

Prepare, employ, and support the best, brightest, and most qualified healthcare professionals to provide us with the healthcare we want and deserve.

▪ Affordable life-saving drugs
▪ Available healthcare
▪ Infant and mother mortality rates

Educational Excellence

Support our early childhood programs, schools, colleges, and universities as engines fueling our future success.

• K-12 and higher-ed leaders offering the highest quality teaching, research, and service 
• Every student learns, graduates, and succeeds in a safe and supportive setting
• Educational leaders, teachers, faculty, and administrators are highly qualified professionals and collaborators

susi.bsu indiana statehous.jpg

Let's improve these things



Here to Learn, Listen, and Lead

I am running for the Indiana House of Representatives District 28 seat because our community needs a fresh perspective to solving old problems. Let's work together to identify broken policies that hold us back and replace them with what works. I am here to listen, learn, and lead. Join me and together we can create new and better state policies as well as an approach to state spending of our tax dollars that will work to make west central Indiana even better for great lives and livelihoods.




MAD Voters

MADVoters is a social welfare nonprofit organization that seeks to advance equitable efforts in Indiana through education, outreach, and advocacy.

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